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 Aug. 2015 – Binda was contracted to modify two CCI Turbine Bypass Valves at Datang Hunchun Power Plant. The two units are rated at 2x330MW, commissioned in Sep. 2006. As the leaking of the low pressure turbine bypass stages became increasingly serious over time, modification proved necessary. The balanced valve stem found on the original valve was changed to have a built-in pilot valve stem, illustrated in the figure below.

Original, balanced valve stem                                  Modified, pilot valve stem

The existing valve stem and valve plug was replaced by the modified stem and plug, with the new pilot valve construction. The valve seat was surfaced and refurbished, and the cage repaired and polished.

Binda’s pilot valve is a proprietary design, patent #ZL201020568312.X. The critical component, a Belleville spring, is supplied by German company Mubea. This ensures the performance and reliability of the design. (Refer to Binda Turbine Bypass Valve Selection Guide) Download Binda Turbine Bypass Valve Selection Guide 

Before modification

 After modification